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At THD Africa, we’ve evolved to redefine excellence in the electronic and electrical wire harnessing industry. With a focus on Turnkey Customized Wire Harness Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Testing, we bring you reliable solutions that empower your projects. As our industry continue to advance, the importance of efficient and tailored wire harnessing solutions cannot be overstated.

Why THD Africa?

Innovation Beyond Boundaries

Welcome to THD Africa, where innovation meets precision in the Wire Harness & Distribution industry. Our success is attributed to a legacy built on quality and a customer-centric approach.


Aspire to new heights with our cutting-edge technology based products and solutions with comprehensive support, warranties, and service partnerships, THD Africa can differentiate itself in the market and build lasting relationships with distributions partners and end customers.


Precision in every connection. THD Africa excels in wiring harness manufacturing, meeting the stringent standards of industries such as Aerospace, Military, Telecommunications, and more. Our expertise ensures your projects are wired for success.


Experience turnkey distribution with THD Africa. We go beyond delivering products; we deliver solutions. As your reliable partner, we provide a full-service backup throughout Africa, ensuring your projects have the support they need.

Quality Mastery Unveiled

Our Commitment to Excellence

Explore the pinnacle of quality with THD Africa where we use our globally recognised certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to control Process Standard. This certification The IPC WHMA-A-620B Manufacturing Standard sets the benchmark for cable and wire harness assemblies, defining our commitment to excellence in every detail.

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