Elevating Quality Standards

ISO 9001:2015 and IPC WHMA-A-620B - Setting the Bar for Excellence

At THD Africa, quality is not just a standard; it’s a commitment. We adhere to the globally recognised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ensuring our processes are fine-tuned for perfection.

Our cable and wire harness assemblies meet the rigorous requirements of IPC WHMA-A-620B, defining industry benchmarks for workmanship, testing, safety, and documentation.

Validation Beyond Limits

Precision in Every Test

Each test in our repertoire serves as a testament to our dedication, ensuring that every product surpasses expectations and stands ready for the most demanding applications.

Advanced In-House Testing

Your Assurance of Quality and Reliability

Various Comprehensive testing processes and capability available inhouse includes: Crimp Pull force Test, Instantly measure, display, and document basic electrical properties such as continuity, resistance, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, miss-wires, twist pair relationships, and intermittent faults. We perform wiring analysis, diagnostics, Pass/Fail checks, and test automation. RF Vector Network Analyser – frequency range: 300kHz to 3.0GH

Ensuring Electrical Integrity

Cirris Testing

We employ state-of-the-art cable and harness testers from Cirris Systems Corporation to ensure the electrical integrity of our assemblies. These advanced testing machines are designed to assess various parameters, including continuity, resistance, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance, and fault identification. The versatility of Cirris testers allows us to thoroughly evaluate each assembly, leaving no room for undetected issues.

The efficiency of Cirris testing lies in its ability to instantly measure, display, and document basic electrical properties. This swift diagnostic capability enables us to perform wiring analysis, diagnostics, Pass/Fail checks, and test automation seamlessly.
Cirris Testing is an integral part of our quality assurance process, ensuring that our cable and wire harness assemblies are not only compliant with industry requirements but surpass expectations. Whether it’s identifying continuity, verifying resistance, or pinpointing intermittent faults, Cirris Testing stands as a cornerstone in our pursuit of excellence.

Ensuring Robust Harness Assemblies

Cami Testing

We go above and beyond to ensure the robustness and reliability of our harness assemblies through meticulous Cami Testing. This crucial phase in our quality assurance process is a testament to our commitment to delivering products that meet and exceed industry standards.
Cami Testing involves comprehensive procedures designed to assess the durability and integrity of our harness assemblies. Each step of this testing process is meticulously executed to guarantee the reliability of our products in diverse applications.
Our Cami testing procedures encompass a range of reliability checks, ensuring that every harness assembly adheres to the highest standards. From verifying connections to assessing the overall robustness, Cami Testing plays a pivotal role in our quality assurance, giving you the assurance of reliable and durable products.

Unleashing Optimal Performance

RF Testing

In the realm of Radio Frequency (RF) applications, THD Africa employs cutting-edge tools to validate optimal performance. The Transcom T5231A and Transcom Vector Network Analyser are integral components of our RF Testing process, setting new benchmarks for reliability in our harness assemblies.

Our Transcom testing equipment operates within a frequency range of 300kHz to 3.0GHz, allowing us to precisely evaluate and validate the performance of harness assemblies in RF applications. This ensures that our products meet the stringent requirements of industries relying on seamless RF functionality.

Validating Enduring Connections

Pull Force Testing

Durability is not just a promise but a validated aspect of our harness assemblies. The PT25 Schleuniger Pull Force Tester is a crucial tool in our testing suite, dedicated to validating the durability of every connection.
Pull Force Testing involves subjecting connections to rigorous tests to ensure they withstand the forces encountered in real-world applications. This phase of our testing process guarantees that every harness assembly delivers enduring connections, contributing to the longevity and reliability of our products.

Advantages of Choosing THD Africa

Confidence, Resolution, Excellence

Customer Confidence

Our adherence to global quality standards instills confidence, assuring you of robust and reliable solutions.

Complaint Resolution

We navigate challenges efficiently, offering guidelines for prompt and satisfactory complaint resolution.

Process Improvement

Identify and eliminate inefficiencies with our commitment to continual improvement, ensuring streamlined operations.

Ongoing Optimisation

Regular audits and reviews enable us to refine our processes, stay competitive, and achieve long-term success.

Elevating Manufacturing Standards

Our Commitment to Manufacturing Excellence

Certifications: Upholding the highest international quality standards, our factory operates in accordance with ISO9001:2015 as our operational benchmark and adheres to IPC/WHMA-A-620 as our manufacturing standard.

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